Take out a piece of paper!

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There was more terrifying moment when we were at school, that when a teacher said: “Take out a piece of paper”
That moment where all our knowledge would be tested, the moment of truth where we know if we learned anything or not.
And real life is a bit like. There is always the time when we take a leaf internally. For example, now.
In the blink of an eye it's over January. We have passed the euphoria and tension end and beginning of year, summaries, meetings, definition of plans and strategies ahead of what we decided to make this season. And now that we have entered the wheel “normal”, Although it seems contradictory it is time to stop.
– What??!! With what it cost me to start? – You are right, stop… but clarified, I mean not stop doing, I mean having a first pause to assess how we carry everything in our excitement beginning of the year we plan.
And I know that sometimes we absorb every day so that it seems impossible to stop, but in any process of progress and growth, the evaluation, It is not only necessary, It is essential.
So, Take a breath, allocates time for this task and follow these steps:
  • Check on what goals you have started to move and what not
  • In those who already started, reviews the obstacles that have arisen so far, what things can improve and what actions must remove.
  • As you have not started, assesses why. If it is something that is in your hand to solve, des turns and takes no action. As you can not solve, seeks alternatives.
  • If things have not gone as expected, Do not get frustrated. Wonder if they go, do not get distracted. Whatever the circumstance, Keep the focus.
  • And after a while… Repeat all steps
It gives us the opportunity to evaluate objectively know the things we are doing well and those that can improve. It helps us grow in all areas and grow can help others do it too.
So, Before making this assessment note that: It uses trial and error, It uses restarted, It is better to start late, It is worth being afraid or fear, uses motivated or excited, but not worth surrender.
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